About the Training

We offer online courses and also travel all over the United States helping educators with training and the implementation of Aggression Replacement Training® .

On-Site Training
Initial two day clinical training. Maximum 25 participants. (Includes Implementation Training Manual)

One day booster training – within 4-6 months of initial clinical training.

Online Curriculum
We also offer online courses!

Fidelity Monitoring
One year fidelity monitoring with an assigned Master Trainer to assure model adherence implementation includes:
* Fidelity checklist review
* Phone consultation (monthly calls (6) per cohort)
* Videotape review (facilitator videotaping for proficiency)

Agency Consultation for Model Adherence
Should an agency that may already have started a program but wants to assure model adherence need technical or outcome measurement assistance, and wants to contract with ETA, Inc. we provide that consultation on an hourly basis.

Agency Train the Trainer
For sites that are interested in sustainability, we provide agency trainer’s training.

For more information 

CALL 724-804-7000
EMAIL sarah.kasmarik@adelphoi.org


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